Co-Rec Basketball Spring 2001


Rachel Correia, Ryan Gregoire, Jaclyn Longtine, Kristin Mirto,
Anna Morozuk, Cory Norbutus, Ryan O'Connor, Jennifer Sunderland,
Kevin Zhang

Championship Game Summary
Mutilators 45, Zoomy-Zoomy 44

Eight teams participated in the Co-rec playoffs. In a three-way tie for first place from the same league, Zoomy-Zoomy, Mutilators and Mooreons had records of 2 wins, 1 loss and a tie. The championship game came down to two teams: Zoomy-Zoomy and Mutilators. When the teams met during league play, Mutilators crushed Zoomy Zoomy by 22 points. Mutilators were about to win again, only this time by one point.

In the first half, Zoomy-Zoomy and Mutilators were evenly matched and so was the score. With five minutes left in the first half, the game was tied at 14. At the end of the first half, Zoomy Zoomy held the edge 18-14. The second half was even more evenly matched and more exciting than the first half. With time running out and the game tied again, Mutilators took the lead for good behind Kevin Zhang’s clutch 3­pointer to seal the 45-44 win. Leading Zoomy-Zoomy was Brooke Perry who earned 15 of her 24 points in the second half. For Mutilators, Kevin Zhang took scoring honors with buckets mostly from 3-point land.


Charles Bordieri, Lance Conte, Brian Heighington, Ann Kach,
Jeffrey Mailhot, Leah Moffie, Lauren Paul, Brooke Perry, Jolene Rousseau, Meghan Sullivan