Women's Basketball Spring 1999

Pure Adrenalin

Championship Game Summary
Pure Adrenalin 32, Vulcanos 18

In the second women’s final held in the Curry Hicks Cage, perennial powerhouse Pure Adrenalin once again captured the championship by defeating a versatile Vulcanos team. In the first half, Vulcanos took an early 5-4 lead, but it didn’t take long for Pure Adrenalin to show their dominating form. Behind the power post play of Sharon Bay and scoring finesse of Kathryn Gleason and Jill Pearsall, Pure Adrenalin ended the first half with a 10-0 scoring run to lead 14-5 at the half. Neusa Ribeiro of the Vulcanos took the offensive weight on her shoulders by scoring 12 of her 14 points in the second half. With 3:45 remaining in the game and an eight point lead, Pure Adrenalin cranked it up a notch, smothering the Vulcanos by not letting them score again and took the championship 32-18.