Co-Rec Basketball Spring 1998

Hoop Screams

Championship Game Summary
Hoop Screams 44, Sugar Free II 41

Eight teams entered the 1998 Co- Rec Basketball Playoffs. Hoop Screams, the defending champions, went undefeated in league play. They had an impressive 61-26 win over Puff Daddies and held on against Ex-Presidents 40-37. Equally dominating, Sugar Free II also went undefeated in league play. Sugar had decisive victories against Trouble Shooters 53-35 and For Free Part 1I 58-37 to reach the hotly anticipated final against Hoop Screams.

Both defenses dominated the early minutes of the first half. Offense was harder to come by and neither team let the other pull away. The half ended with a relatively low score 1 7-16 for Hoop Screams. Both offenses started to heat up in the second half. Sugar was led by the inside play of Tiffany Walker and the outside shooting of William Kackley.

Hoop was led by the beautiful passing of Jim Strub and the strong drives to the hoop by Kathryn Gleason. In the final two minutes, Jill Pearsall's bucket gave Hoop a 3-point lead. Tiffany Walker answered and cut the lead to one. Forced to foul, Hoop sent Raphael Cerrato to the line. He drained two to put Hoop Screams ahead to stay. Hoop Screams third consecutive title was well deserved, 44-41.

Sugar Free II