Men's Basketball Spring 1996

Da Bad Boyz II

Championship Game Summary
Da Bad Boyz II 43, Wu-Gambinos 33

This winter's record snow fall wreaked havoc on Intramural March Madness' as early school closings postponed the last three rounds until after Spring Break. This presented the opportunity to schedule the men's final in the venerable Curry Hicks Cage. Seventy-eight teams started the quest for the Intramural Championship.

Wu-Gambinos put together decisive wins over The Seminoles, 64-28, The Team, 68-29, RAG. Time, 37-30, Sunset, 64-40. Joint Ventures, 42-32, and Incar cerated Scarfitces, 44-35 to reach the finals. Defending champions,

DA Bad Boyz II continued their dominating play against the Razorbacks. 63-40, PTP'ers, 38-21, Theta Chi Rattlers, 55-25, The All Stars, 74-47, Shockers, 47-30, and The Deaday Venons, 40-33. Nerves and a vocal crowd of over 250 iced both teams at the start of the game.

Behind 9-3 Joel Connor singlehandedly erased the deficit with two straight 3-point baskets. Behind by five points, Bad Boyz scored the next six to lead 31-30. They never relinquished it again. With time running out, Wu Gambinos put the Bad Boyz on the line. Connors and Barros responded with five of six shooting, final score 43-33. Joel Connor scored a game high 14 points while Ben Andrews' 9 points lead Wu-Gambinos.