Women's Basketball Spring 1995


Championship Game Summary
Lancers 28, Floor Play III 26

The 1995 Women’s Basket ball Final was actually a contest to crown the Campus Champion. Floor Play III held the Graduate-Faculty-Staff Title while the Lancers held the Undergraduate Title. Their regular season meeting resulted in a hard-fought 4 point win for Floor Play.

Lena Green poured in 6 of the Lancers 11 points as they held a 3 point lead to end the first half. Amy Robertson energized her team and scored 7 of her 10 points in the second half. The Lancers’ Aileen Martin scored 8 2nd half points. At the 8 minute mark, Floor Play stepped up and held the Lancers scoreless over the next 4 minutes.

The Lancers were down by 5, when Neusa Ribeiro netted a trey. With 11 seconds left, the Lancers put Robertson on the line. The Lancers grabbed the rebound and quickly headed up court. Floor Play stole a pass and Carol Barr dribbled away the remaining time, final score, 28-26.

Floor Play III
(Photo not available)
Carol Barr, Amy Robertson, Ainslee Press, Katherine Petrecca, Elaine Jones, Meghan Donnelly, April Kater, Kyle Rothenberger