Men's Basketball Spring 1995

Da Bad Boyz

Championship Game Summary
Da Bad Boyz 56, Midnight Marauders 53

Over 64 teams qualified for Intramural “March Madness”. Two ‘run-and-gun’ teams powered through the playoffs. DA Bad Boys had decisive wins over Tang’s House (72-41), World Premier (48-39), Six Pack (76-56), Ruffnecks (54-39), and Warriors (45-29). Equally impressive, the Midnight Marauders defeated Alpha Chi Rho (81-52), Rapid Fire (68-49), Black & Maroon (43-25), Huskies (63-43), and Caution, Flammable! (53-38).

The Marauders set the pace in the first half and forged a 31-26 halftime lead. Marion Benjamin led the Marauders with dead-eye 3-pointers, explosive dunks and strong drives to the basket. The Boyz re-grouped in the second half and went on a 8-0 spurt. With 16 minutes left in regulation, Boyz took the lead 42-40. Bob Steele put the Marauders pack on top 44-42.

At the 2:00 minute mark, Boyz held a slim 52-5 1 lead. Dale Mullings stole the ball and passed it to Marion Benjamin. He missed the shot but drew the foul by Dina Wavezwa. Marion Benjamin netted both shots to give the Marauders a 53-52 lead with 40 seconds left to play. In a battle under the hoop, a tap-in by Paulo Barros put the Boyz on top 54-53. A desperation 3 point heave fell short for the Marauders. The Boyz came up with a huge rebound. Joel Connor laid it in to ice the game and win the title, 56-53.


Midnight Marauders