Women's Basketball Spring 1994

Floor Play II

Championship Summary
Floor Play II 63, Spike 37

The intramural women’s basketball finals ended with a match up of Spike and Floor Play. Despite a handicap of only three players, Spike made an impressive showing led by Kozlowski, who had a game total of 17 points. Floor Play was led by Holter who had a game total of 20 points.

The first half opened with Spike gaining possession of the ball. Spike showed an impressive effort forcing turnovers, and making rebounds, however, they could not hold back the five woman attack of Floor Play. Floor Play used the number advantage to its fullest using some impressive passing. Spike did exhibit some strong moments such as Veilleux’s spot light in the remaining minutes of the first half where she scored a total of 6 points in a row, before the buzzer.

In the beginning of the second half, Floor Play took a strong lead with a 16 point scoring run. Spike did not give up hope. For the rest of the half Spike worked hard for steals and rebounds. Both teams played aggressively, but Spike could not cut down the lead Floor Play had accumulated. The game ended 63—37, Floor Play.