Co-Rec Basketball Spring 1993

Air Jam

Championship Game Summary
Air Jam 54, Green Meadow 41

Throughout the first ten minutes the women of each team exchanged hoops. Marianne Hess had 10 early points including a 4 point play. With 8 minutes left in the half, Air Jam had a slight 15—13 lead. Shawn Polk sunk 4 quick points to put her team up 24—18 with two minutes remaining. Careless turnovers by Green Meadow extended their deficit at halftime to 34—18.

17:40 in the second half and white took a time—out to shut down grey's comeback run in the second half. Green Meadow cut the Air Jam lead to 7 with 13:00 minutes remaining. Two quick hoops by Air Jam women heightened the lead back to 13, 43—30. Air Jam shifted into cruise control for then, winning by a score of 54—41.

Green Meadow