Men's BASEketball Fall 2012

A Pint of O'Douls

Left to Right:  Nate Bertrand, Jeremy Chaitin, Sheamus McNamara, Harry Washington

Championship Game Summary
A Pint of O'Douls 6, Da Dirty Dawgs 0

On the evening of November 7, 2012 two teams thought they had what it took to be crowned as the intramural BASEketball champions at the University of Massachusetts - Amherst. However, they both knew that by the end of the night only one would be able to prove who has more game. It was A Pint of O’Douls who came to bat in the top of the first and started out strong scoring two runs. It seemed as though Jeremy Chaitin was the king of the psych outs for the entire match.

When Bodine and Da Dirty Dawgs were up and it was Jeremy’s turn to psych out, he always had something good to distract the shooter. After the top of the first, there was no scoring from either team until the top of the sixth where A Pint of O’Douls put another 4 runs on the scoreboard to make it 6-0. It seemed as though Bodine and Da Dirty Dawgs just couldn’t string together enough shots to get their runs in. Bodine and Da Dirty Dawgs failed to get a runner on base in 5 of the 9 innings.

In the bottom of the ninth, Bodine was looking for some life with only one out remaining in the game, and decided to go for a home run. The shot went up and fell short of the basket, as did their chances of being crowned intramural champion. It was smooth sailing for Sheamus McNamara, captain of A Pint of O’Douls, and his three other teammates who defeated Bodine and Da Dirty Dawgs by a score of 6-0 and clearly showed that they have more game.

Bodine and Da Dirty Dawgs
Left to Right: Spencer McKay, Zach Bodine, Steven Halliday, Chad Pendergast