Women's Badminton Singles, Fall 2012

Di Yi Jessica Le

Championship Game Summary
Di Yi Jessica He defeated Catherine Gensler 21-4, 21-5

Playing in a Badminton Championship is a great accomplishment in itself. Playing badminton in the first year back since Intramural Sports offered it in 1997 makes it that much more special. That’s how it was for both Catherine Gensler and Di Yi Jessica He in the Badminton Women’s final game. Both came eager to write their names in the history books and join the other intramural champions on the wall in the Rec Center as the victor. Unfortunately, only one would come away with that victory. Di Yi Jessica He started the first game off with a ferocious attack. She took a 12-0 lead early with some beautiful spikes, shots down the line, and finesse drop shots. Catherine Gensler did all she could to stop the momentum of Di Yi Jessica He. Catherine scored a few in a row in attempt to make a comeback to make it 15-3, but had a tough time gaining much back after the powerful start. The game was capped off with a shot right on the line by Di Yi Jessica He, making it a 21-4 game one win.

Fortunately for Catherine it is a best 2 out of 3 games, so this thing was far from over. However history seemed to repeat itself in game 2. Di Yi Jessica He jumped out to another big lead with some great spikes and serves. In the same fashion, Catherine attempted to find her way back into the game. She had a tremendous spike and a few good rallies, but today just didn’t seem to be her day. Di Yi Jessica He maintained her dominant performance, tapping in a beautiful drop shot to seal the game and take the Championship with a 21-5 Game 2 victory.


Catherine Gensler