Men's Badminton Singles, Fall 2012

Magnum Lew

Championship Game Summary
Magnum Lew defeated Chris Ott 21-4, 20-6

The men’s badminton singles championship took place on December 4th, 2012. The match was played by Magnum Lew and Chris Ott. Magnum Lew started the match really strong with three unanswered points. Chris Ott returned Lew’s hit with a strong spike that finally put him on the board. In a quick delivery of points, Magnum Lew took a comfortable lead of 10-4. But he was not done yet. After a long volley, where Lew sent Ott all over the court, Lew placed a perfect drop shot where Ott was not able to reach it. Lew showed no signs of slowing down.  He beat Ott 21-4 in the first match.

The second match did not look much different than the first. Ott seemed to have slowed down quite a bit, hitting his first 5 shots into the net. Lew took advantage of this and gained a 13-3 lead with a big spike that could not be returned. Lew took the second match winning 20-6. After winning the two matches Magnum Lew became the UMass Intramural Badminton Men’s Singles Champion.


Chris Ott