Men's 3-on-3 Basketball Fall 2012


Left to Right: Thomas Cina, Vinny DeMaio, Tarek Dahdul


Championship Game Summary
#TANIKUKOC 18, Team Duba 4

On a freezing night in December, many teams crowded inside of Boyden Gymnasium duking it out in a single elimination tournament to remain at the top of the proverbial hill at the end of the evening. This team would go down in UMass Intramural Sports history as the immaculate 2012 3 on 3 Basketball champions. After the bracket full of teams slugged it out all night, two remained: #TONIKUKOC vs. Team Duba.

#TONIKUKOC came strong out of the gates firing on all cylinders with a very balanced attack. They quickly got on the board with a pop out pass from Vinny DeMaio to Tarek Dahdul for an elbow jumper.  Shortly after that, Thomas Cina backed down his defender in the post and dropped in a quick turn-around shot. DeMaio then quickly stole the ball and muscled his way into the paint, driving base line and dropping it in. At this point Team Duba could not get anything going offensively. #TONIKUKOC continued to clog the lane and Zack Fenton, Dan Dubois, and Justin Gardner could not get into a rhythm with their jump shots. A late steal by Dahdul followed by a quick dump down to Cina for a 2 closed out the half, 10-0.

Beginning the second half, Team Duba needed to get some points on the board quickly. They could not afford falling behind any further with just 5 minutes separating them and the end of the game. #TONIKUKOC, realizing this fact, deliberately and patiently moved the ball around looking for the best shot available. Finally after a few changes of possession, Cina drove to the basket and gave a head fake which got his defender up in the air.  He was able to easily lay it in for 2 more. DeMaio kept the tempo up by grabbing the ball right back for another quick conversion.  At last, Team Duba was able to get themselves on the board after 5 consecutive offensive rebound put-back attempts to make the score 14-2. #TONIKUKOC continued to not look back and added a few more scores to close off the game and clinch the title with a final score of 18-4.

Team Duba

Left to Right: Zach Fenton, Dan DuBois, Justin Gardner