Men's 3-on-3 Basketball Fall 2011

Students of the Game

Left to Right: George Ramos, Kyle Morrison, Ben Mohr


Championship Game Summary
Students of the Game 14, Balls Out 10

Students of the Game and Balls Out had two very different paths to the championship. Balls Out clawed its way out of the loser's bracket, and the final was their seventh game of the night. Students of the Game, on the other hand, had plenty of rest as they cruised through the winner's bracket and waited and watched to find out who their opponent would be. The tale of two different teams -- rust versus fatigue -- showed in the early stage of the championship. The teams were tied at 2 midway in the first half. At halftime, Students of the Game led 8-6 with clutch scoring from George Ramos and Ben Mohr and key rebounds from Kyle Morrison. In the second half, both teams brought more solid play and intensity in this do-or-die game. Students of the Game edged Balls Out 14-10 with all-around solid play.

Balls Out

Left to Right: Alex Joseph, Vinny DeMaio, Tarik Dahdul