Men's 3-on-3 Basketball Fall 2002

The Dynasty

Matthew Burstin, Christopher Racine, Justin Zerneri

Tournament Summary
The Dynasty 26, 352 18

This year’s 3-on-3 intramural basketball featured last year’s campus champion, 352, versus The Dynasty. 352 finished in 2nd place in their league and advanced to the championship by beating Tappin’ the Keg 16-12 and Who Wants It 10-8. The Dynasty, undefeated in league pool play, advanced to the final with wins over Shockers 24-20 and Money BaIl 20-18 in an exciting overtime semifinal game. Strong post play from Matt Burstin and sharp shooting from Chris Racine and Justin Zerneri was the difference in their team’s 26-1 8 vic tory over 352.

James Nagle, Edward Ramos, Michael Sadowski