Co-Rec 2-Ball Soccer Fall 2013

FC Cheeky

Back Row: Megan Li, Erin Shepard, Kayleigh Scott, Jackie Cimino
Front Row: Jordan Shafer, Sukru Yildirim, John McBride, Joseph Bartlett

Championship Game Summary
FC Cheeky 23, ThroughBalls of Glory 17

The stage was set for a great night of multiple soccer balls moving around in one indoor soccer game as FC Cheeky took on ThroughBalls of Glory in the fall 2013 2-Ball Soccer Championship. Each team featured a very talented striker. ThroughBalls of Glory’s Mike Ennis started off the game slamming in two goals to start, but FC Cheeky’s Sukru Yildirim came right back with three of his own to put his team up. Great goalkeeping by ThroughBalls of Glory’s Olivia Baroni kept their team in the game early on as Baroni was a brick wall stopping everything.

ThroughBalls of Glory’s Damian Pagano scored two within 10 seconds of each other to slice into FC Cheeky’s lead. Ennis scored three more to finish out the half with one being scored with one second left on the clock! Yilidrim was not done as he put two more in before the first half horn as well.  The first half ended with FC Cheeky up 12-9 heading into penalty kicks. FC Cheeky scored on five of their six shots while ThroughBalls of Glory only netted one of their seven. These missed attempts would end up hurting them in the long run.

The second half started with FC Cheeky up 17-10. The second half was very even; neither team was able to pour on the goals like they did in the first half. FC Cheeky came out with a holeless defense as the defenders and keeper Erin Shepard were not allowing anything by. ThroughBalls of Glory ended up out scoring FC Cheeky in the second half 7-6, but that would not be enough. With a six point deficit and each team only having four penalty kicks to take, ThroughBalls of Glory was mathematically unable to win. Ennis finished the match with six goals in regulation and Yilidrim finished with seven. Each team played astonishingly well but one team needs to win and FC Cheeky was crowned 2-Ball Soccer Champions.

ThroughBalls of Glory

Back Row: Alexis Simon Olivia Baroni, Elaina Falcone
Front Row: Chris Therrien, Damian Pagano, Michael Ennis, Ethan Mazala, Andrew Schatz