Co-Rec 2-Ball Soccer Fall 2012

314 Clique

Back Row: Zach Jordan, Dean Loethrop, Thomas Blinn, Thomas Fleischman
Front Row: Rachel Miranda, Tori Schneebaum, Eileen Seffron


Championship Game Summary
314 Clique 18, Team Bro 9

2-Ball Soccer, the most frenzied sport in Boyden, never fails to produce an exciting game. With both teams cruising into the finals, the championship game was set up to be intense. Team Bro, consisting of Lexi Walls, Stephanie Ozahowski, Kelsie Mitchell, Jeff Salemi, Guillaume Pagnier, Jacob Wilson, and Zak Judd squared off against 314 Clique, whose members included Zach Jordan, Dean Lothrop, Tom Blinn, Thomas Fleishman, Rachel Miranda, Tori Schneebaum, and Eileen Seffron.

Team Bro started off strong, scoring the first two goals of the game, at 9:35. After some back and forth action, including several big saves from Team Bro goalie Guillaume Pagnier, Team Bro again extended their lead, scoring two more goals, at 6:45 and 5 minutes, respectively.
Trailing by three goals, 314 Clique began to crawl back into the game, scoring 2 goals in rapid succession at 3 minutes and 2:45. However, Team Bro answered at 1:45 to make the score 4-2 in their favor. Nevertheless, the final minute of the half proved to be disastrous for Team Bro, as 314 Clique took control of the game, scoring three goals in under 45 seconds to take the lead going into penalty kicks.

The nightmare-end of half continued for Team Bro during penalty kicks. As they had committed five fouls in the first half, compared to 314 Clique’s two, they were already looking at a dire situation. While Team Bro managed to covert one of their two PK’s, 314 Clique converted four out of five to take a commanding 9-5 lead at the end of the half.

Out of the half, 314 Clique continued their hot streak, scoring within the first 15 seconds. However, Team Bro righted the ship, scoring the next three goals, including two at the same time at 7:30, and another one at 6:30. After both teams exchanged goals at 6:00, the score was 11:9, with five minutes left in the game.

Once again, 314 Clique dominated the end of the half, this time scoring repeatedly to put the game out of reach. They closed out the game with seven unanswered goals, finishing in a dominating fashion, and leaving no doubt as to who the champions of 2-Ball were. Both teams displayed excellent sportsmanship, and the game was without a doubt a thrilling display of chaos.

Team Bro

Back Row: Lexi Walls, Stephanie Ozatrowski, Kelsie Mitchell
Front Row: Jeff Salemi, Guillaume Pagnier, Jacob Wilson, Zak Judd