Co-Rec 2-Ball Soccer Fall 2011

50,000 Didgeridoos

Back Row: Robert Nathan, Christopher Allen, Joseph Emery, Alex Bukoski, Dan Pardee
Front Row: Katelyn Sassorossi, Jessica Royal, Samantha Prescott, Katelyn Kotfila


Championship Game Summary
50,000 Didgeridoos defeated FC Scoresome in Shootout

After losing in a semifinal game last year, FC Scoresome came into this year's final with only one thought -- a championship t-shirt. Scoresome viewed 50,000 Didgeridoos as an opponent that didn’t earn their way into the final by virtue of two consecutive wins-by-forfeit. That thought quickly disappeared when 50,000 Didgeridoos scored 30 seconds into the game. For the next 10 minutes, the teams traded goals at a frantic pace. The pick of the bunch was a sublime back-heeled goal by 50,000 Didgeridoos. A humorous moment occurred when Didgeridoos goalkeeper Joe Emery got his shoe stuck in the net. Emery played on with one shoe, made a superb kick save, and managed to get his shoe back on before a sprawling save.

After the halftime penalty kicks were all said and done, FC Scoresome had a 6-4 lead. 50,000 Didgeridoos decided to push for the win and pulled Emery out of goal. This turned out to be a crucial move and 50,000 Didgeridoos doubled their score within 5 minutes of the start of the second half. FC Scoresome countered with a slick passing move that lead to an emphatic goal of a volley by Arianna Burke between the keeper’s legs. After trading goals for several minutes, 50,000 Didgeridoos scored with 45 seconds left to put them ahead 11-10. With the one-goal differential, the game would need to be decided by penalty kicks. FC Scoresome had 4 chances to score and 50,000 Didgeridoos had 3.

The new FC Scoresome keeper Bob Nathan let the first two kicks past before saving the next two to give his team a chance to win the game with Scoresome up 12-11. However, 50,000 Didgeridoos only scored on one of three penalty kicks to send the game into sudden death. In sudden death, both keepers stepped up when it mattered most and saved their first 5 attempts. With energy running low and the win in her sights, Samantha Prescott stepped up for her chance at glory. Despite the tangible pressure in the gym, Prescott stepped up and slotted the game-winning kick past the keeper.

Both teams looked physically and emotionally drained at the end of this battle of gladiators, but there was no doubt that 50,000 Didgeridoos deserved the win. With their second half surge and the amazing display by both Nathan and Emery in goal, 50,000 Didgeridoos should be proud to wear the UMass intramural championship t-shirt!

FC Scoresome

Back Row: Michael McKenzie, Adam Kennedy, Arianna Burke, Steven Schwab,
Andualem Wondafrosh
Front Row: Jaime Zelen, Keelyn Harris