Co-Rec 2-Ball Soccer Fall 2009


Back Row:  Sheryl Markovits, Diana Triffletti, Elizabeth Honecker,
Allison Smith
Front Row:  Joshua Liddy, Christopher Kalmbach, Erik Alvarenga,
Nicholas Petrisis


Championship Game Summary
Bobabembo 14, North Pleasant Hooligans 6

The championship 2-ball soccer game was pure mayhem, as two teams battled over two soccer balls to see who could score the most goals in 30 minutes. Bobabembo earned their titled with a quick goalie, outstanding defense, and a consistent goal-scoring attack to beat the North Pleasant Hooligans.

In the first 3 minutes of the game, both teams got themselves on the scoreboard with one goal each.  North Pleasant Hooligans’ hard-working goalie often dove to save every ball fired her way. She even had a huge save in a two-on-one situation. However, it was simply not enough to beat Bobabembo’s crafty offense.  They scored with return balls off the wall and fake-out shots that were then rocketed into the goal. The half ended with Bobabembo leading 6 to 4.

In the second half, Bobabembo closed any chance for the North Pleasant Hooligans to take the lead. Bobabembo’s goalie, Joshua Liddy, kept his team on top as he saved five back-to-back shots blasted at him. As Bobabembo’s defense was warming up to shots fired at them, their offense was heating up as well. Bobabembo’s Honecker came off the bench to assist in a goal. Erik Alvargena’s multiple assists turned into goals. 

Both teams hustled until the final horn. Bobabembo won the 2-ball soccer final 14-6. 

North Pleasant Hooligans

(Alphabetical): Jennifer Ahearn, Arianna Burke, Erin DeMarco, Daniel Greene, Adam Kenney, Michael McKenzie, Steven Schwab