Co-Rec 2-Ball Soccer Fall 2006


Andrew Aghababian, Jennifer Ahern, Alicia Atkinson, Jeffrey Comeau, Charles Harner, Pamela Horan, Leslie Salomone, Zachary Smith (coach), Loretta Sullivan, John Ramsey

Championship Game Summary
Boom 17, Sleeve of Wizard 9

Riding the wave of stellar goaltending from Patrick Harner, Boom cruised through their semifinal and captured the coveted title by defeating Sleeve of Wizard 17-9. In the 1st half of the final, smothering defense from both teams silenced the scoring for the first several minutes. Boom was the team to draw first blood. Fancy footwork of Alicia Atkinson and JT Ramsey provided an early spark for Boom that ultimately proved too daunting for Sleeve of Wizard. However, the first half was full of punch & counter-punches as Marc Silva, Gail Brosnan & Mark Pelissier provided sniper shots that kept Sleeve of Wizard in prime position to make a comeback. At halftime, Boom was on top by a small lead of 8-5. A clean first half resulted in a total of only three penalty shots. Sleeve of Wizard was unsuccessful in their only attempt, but Boom was able to capitalize on their awarded two penalty shots. The second half proved to be a horse of a different color for both teams. Sleeve of Wizard’s offense sputtered to get started, which proved costly by the final whistle. Boom jumped to an early lead and did not look back. With defensive support from Leslie Salomone and Loretta Sullivan silencing any attack by Sleeve, Boom spread the ball around, which spread out the Sleeve defense and essentially made them look like Swiss cheese. Ramsey chipped in another goal, and unsung heroes Pam Horan and Jeff Comeau also found the back of the net. Despite valiant efforts from Mike Hardman, Noel Shaughnessy & Courtney Ferrari up and down the two-ball court, the attack of Boom was far too balanced to be defended in the closing minutes of the second half. Boom came out on top in convincing fashion 17-9.

Sleeve of Wizard

Gail Brosnan, Courtney Ferrari, Marissa Fumicello, Michael Hardman,
Damon Pastrana, Mark Pelissier, Marc Silva, Hillary Tutko, Noel Shaughnessy