Co-Rec 2-Ball Soccer Fall 2005

Team Awesome

Laura Brassard, Michaela Burke, Christine Corley, Darren Eng,
William Gardner, Vadim Levin, Bryan MacKay, Brian Mozeleski,
Leslie Salomone, Amanda Sauer

Championship Game Summary
Team Awesome 10, Em,bryonic Monsters 5

The co-ed 2-ball soccer championship was between two talented teams, Embryonic Monsters and Team Awesome. Embryonic Monsters won their semifinal game by a score of 12-7. Team Awesome’s semifinal game was a nailbiter that came down to penalty kicks and ended with a close 13-12 score. Anyone watching this championship could tell it was going to be an intense battle. Both goalies, Darren Eng of Team Awesome and Noel Shaughnessy of Embryonic Monsters, made diving saves throughout the entire game. Bryan MacKay of Team Awesome scored the first goal of the game about three minutes after the start of play. The second goal of the game was also scored by Team Awesome, with a shot by Christine Corley. Embryonic Monsters, however, had an answer back with a goal by Michael Hardman. Team Awesome’s Vadim Levin, Corley and MacKay scored the next three points. With little time remaining in the second half and a score of 5-1, Hillary Tutko scored the second goal for Embryonic Monsters. Erik Wolf of Embryonic Monsters had some nice shots, but failed to score. The half ended with a score of 5-2. Embryonic Monsters shot two penalty kicks at halftime, but did not make either.

At the start of the second half, both teams controlled the ball equally. Marc Silva of Embryonic Monsters scored the first goal of the half. Levin stepped up on offense and scored the next two goals for Team Awesome. Hardman scored again for Embryonic Monsters, but Leslie Salomone answered right back with a goal of her own. Brian Mozeleski made the next shot to put Team Awesome up 9-4 with a few minutes remaining in the game. Monsters’ Tutko and Awesome’s Levin scored the last goals of the game. Goalies Eng and Shaughnessy both did an outstanding job, making countless dives and saves throughout the game. Team Awesome won 10-5, to capture their first 2-ball championship.

Embryonic Monsters

Michael Brown, Courtney Ferrari, Marisa Fumicello, Michael Hardman,
Rachel Mongeau, Mark Pelissier, Noel Shaughnessy, Marc Silva, Hillary Tutko, Erik Wolf