Co-Rec 2-Ball Soccer Fall 2004

Double Deuce

Dan Butler, Rich Giudice, Pamela Horan, Edward Miretsky,
Meghan Robertson, Sarah Rozanski, Jennifer Wilmot, Sean Wilmot

Championship Game Summary
Double Deuce 15, Boom 14

The 2-ball soccer final was a matchup between Boom and Double Deuce, last year's 2-ball champion. Both teams finished atop of their pool after league play. In the first minute of play, there were back-to-back goals from Boom, followed by two goals from Double Deuce. Boom answered the two goals with a goal of their own. Double Deuce got two more goals, the first one just slipping by the goalie. Double Deuce and Boom continued to exchange goals until the end of the half with the score 12-7 Double Deuce. Boom received six penalty kicks and made two. In the second half, Boom started the scoring and Double Deuce consistently answered. It was Boom that started the half and ended the half scoring. It was 15-13 Double Deuce at the end of the second half, but Boom still had 3 penalty kicks to go. Boom got one goal, but that's all they would make. Double Deuce took the 2-ball soccer championship game 15-14 in a nail biter.


Alicia Atkinson, Allegra Atkinson, Steve Capistron, Jared Cohen,
Kaitlyn Hartig, Matt Kindzerske, Zachary Smith