Co-Rec 2-Ball Soccer Fall 2002

Golden Girls

Benjamin Bradford, Dennis Grady, Nicole Martignetti, Ryan McQuilkin, Jennifer Mikkola, Eric Schwartz, Jennifer Weis

Championship Game Summary:
Golden Girls 15, Are You Dave Gorman 10 2-ball soccer? Why it’s indoor 5-on-5 soccer with two balls, of course. In its inaugural year, 19 co-rec teams participated in pool play with 12 teams advancing to the playoffs. Golden Girls, led by standout goalkeeper Dennis Grady and offensive threats Ben Bradford and Jen Mikkola, worked through the playoffs by crushing Ninja Squirrels & Woodchucks + Beavers. Are You Dave Gorman’, with key scorers Take Nakamura & Nick Wright, spanked Boom and won a semifinal playoff game with overtime penalty kicks over Team Solid to meet Golden Girls in the championship. Dave Gorman held a 7-5 lead at half, thanks in part to 2 penalty kick tallies, but Golden Girls powered out 10 second-half goals to Dave Gorman’s 3 to take the final and the first 2-ball championship 15-10.

Are You Dave Gorman?

Kellie Gale, Richard Giudice, Jennifer Hughes, Takehiko Nakamura, Thorsten Schlingmann, Nicholas Wright, Fiona Young