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Welcome to the Wellness Center! Whether you are eating at the dining commons, packing your lunch or cooking at home, we have information to help you with your eating and food decisions. The Wellness Center provides support for creating and maintaining healthy eating behaviors. We offer books, brochures, recipes, journal articles, and links to online self-assessments that will help you learn about and improve your personal health. The surveys have been designed to address health behaviors in young adults ages 18-30. Once you complete a survey you will receive a personalized feedback report. The wellness websites allow you to surf the most trusted health and fitness organizations for current, reliable and quality information.  

The Wellness Center offers programs to help students build and maintain healthy habits now and in the future. Individual consultations and educational programs are offered in the following areas:

  • Alcohol & Other Drugs
  • Healthy Eating/Nutrition
  • Physical Activity/Fitness
  • Sexual Health
  • Stress Management
  • Tobacco Cessation

Do you have questions about how to increase your energy, how to gain or lose weight, how to improve your diet? We have the answers! Come to the Wellness Center and visit our nutrition advisors.

Individual appointments can be made with a nutrition advisor by stopping by the Wellness Center to discuss healthy eating strategies.

Q & A walk-ins welcome!
Get your nutrition and fitness-related questions answered by our nutrition advisors with no appointment necessary. Free take-home educational materials will also be available on nutrition and fitness.

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