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Meet the Trainers

Aidan Burke

Kinesiology 18

Aidan is a junior Kinesiology major from Medway, MA planning on furthering his education in medicine. He is certified through the International Sports Science Association (ISSA) and is excited to pass his knowledge and love for fitness to his clients. Aidan began his fitness lifestyle with a passion for endurance training during sports, but has shifted his focus to strength training and hypertrophy. He is determined to develop effective workout programs to help clients reach their goals and give them more confidence to continue their healthy lifestyles.

Areas of focus: Strength and hypertrophy training, muscular endurance, core strengthening, general health and wellness

Availability: evenings and nights Monday-Friday

Aidan Burke

Alex Neary

Biochemistry 18

Alex has a passion for educating people on fitness. He obtained his personal training certification through the American Council on Exercise (ACE) after his senior year in high school and has worked for UMass Campus Recreation since his first semester attending UMass. Alex’s favorite part about training is helping clients discover for themselves the joy that comes with living an active and healthy lifestyle. In high school he created his own club, organizing team fitness challenges and when he is home from school he volunteers to help out local athletes with their offseason training.

Areas of focus: client self-sustainability, muscle building, time efficient workouts, weight management

Availability: Tuesdays and Thursdays most times, all other weekday evenings, and open to weekends

Alex Neary

Bethany Welch

OPublic Health (min. Education) 17

She is a Nutrition Advisor as well as a group fitness instructor teaching Spinning, Boot Camp, TRX, and other high intensity classes at UMass, and certified through AAFA. She looks to bring her group fitness background and experience into a more personal setting. Bethany hopes to help her clients achieve their fitness and wellness goals through personal training. 

Areas of focus: weight loss, weight management, HIIT training, general strength training

Availability: mid-morning and afternoon Monday-Fridays, some weekends

Bethany Welch

Carolyn Monette

Kinesiology (Min Psychoplogy) 17

Carolyn earned her personal training certification through American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and is excited to get started in helping people change their lives. As a former volleyball and basketball player, she has always had a passion for fitness and being active. She is now looking forward to passing on her love of fitness to her clients and helping them reach their fitness and wellness goals.

Areas of Focus: HIIT training, strength training, general health and wellness

Availability: MWF mornings and afternoons

Carolyn Monnette

Danielle Weiss

Danielle is a senior Kinesiology major from New Jersey planning to continue her education in the field of physical therapy. She is certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and is excited to be passing on her passion for fitness to her clients. Danielle is dedicated to making others feel comfortable in the gym with correct form and motivating workouts. 

Areas of Focus: strength training, core, HIIT training

Availability: Early mornings or late afternoons during the week and mornings on weekends.

Danielle Weiss

Emily Rice

Nursing '19

Biography: A native of Medway, Massachusetts, Emily has experience in areas from boxing and volleyball to throwing events and tennis, but has become most passionate about strength and hypertrophy training at the gym. Certified thropugh ISSA,the International Sports Science Association, Emily is determined to share her love and dedication for fitness with her clients by teaching proper form and technique, helping to reach fitness goals and most importantly by giving her clients the confidence that they are truly capable of whatever they set their mind to.

Areas of Focus: strength/hypertrophy training for all fitness levels, weight-loss, general health and wellness

Availability: morning, afternoon and evenings on Monday and Friday, other weekday evenings, weekends

Emily Rice

Kyle Wells

Economics 17

Kyle was raised in downtown Boston and grew up playing soccer and baseball along the Charles River. Certified through the Aerobic and Fitness Association of America, his specialty is collaborating with clients to create an effective workout routine that meets their specific fitness goals. He enjoys working with clients to develop proper form, focus and overall fitness knowledge.

Areas of Focus: general strength training, eccentric training, mind-muscle connection, weight loss, core strength training

Availability: weekday afternoons and evenings

Kyle Wells

Rachel Johnson

Kinesiology 17

From Melrose, Massachusetts, Rachel is a certified trainer through the merican Council on Exercise (ACE). Rachel grew up playing ports and constantly working with coaches and personal trainers. After having so many great experiences with conditioning, training, and weight management, she loves being able to give back by helping others reach their fitness and wellness goals as well. 

Areas of Focus: HIIT, endurance training, general strength training, weight management, core strength, general health and wellness

Availability: Weekday evenings, Mondays and Fridays, some weekends

Rachel Johnson

Shauntel Farland

Nutrition 18

Shauntel Farland is from Burlington, MA and is certified through ACE Fitness. She loves to bike, meditate, lift, run and engage in activities that improve her total wellbeing. Currently, Shauntel is pursuing this passion for wellness and fitness through personal training and nutrition advising. She believes that health is a lifestyle habit that stems from self-love and self-respect. Shauntel makes it her personal mission to guide her clients towards their envisioned life through lifestyle/habit alterations and by showing her clients how to make exercise and healthy eating fun and enjoyable! 

Areas of focus: lifestyle change, strength training, nutrition, weight management, general wellness

Availability: M & W afternoons, some weekends 

Shauntel Farland

Ryan Turner

Kinesiology 19

Ryan is certified through the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). Growing up playing soccer and football, he understands the physical and mental benefits of exercise. His focus has now migrated to strength and hypertrophic training and he is excited to pass on his knowledge to clients of all experience levels. Ryan is passionate about helping his clients reach a higher level of confidence by pushing them to reach their fitness goals.

Areas of focus: weight-management, strength, core, hypertrophic and endurance training

Availability: weekday afternoons, open to weekends

Ryan Turner

Taylor Marcon

Psychology & Political Science 17

Fitness has been an interest of Tayor's since high school in Norton, Massachusetts, when he lost one hundred pounds over the course of his sophomore year with his own diet and exercise program.  Taylor is certified through the International Sports Science Association (ISSA) and is in his second year working with UMass Campus Recreation.

Areas of Focus: general strength training, power-lifting, sprinting, mid-distance running

Availability: Wednesday & Friday afternoons; Mid-day Mondays, Tuesday and Thursday, mornings and afternoons

Taylor Marcon

Tom Sandberg

Geography 17

From South Deerfield, Massachusetts, Tom is certified through the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and is in his fourth year working for UMass Campus Recreation. Tom enjoys pushing himself and his clients. Thomas is a graduate of the US Army Airborne School and is a 2015 finisher of the Boston Marathon.

Areas of Focus: general strength training, power-lifting, sprinting, mid-distance running

Availability: Monday and Wednesday late mornings

Tom Sandberg

Tristan Mirata

Economics 18

From Winthrop, MA. Tristan is certified as a personal trainer through the International Sports Science Association (ISSA) and has experience playing in sports. Tristan is excited to help guide his clients to making substantial life-long changes towards health, fitness and achieving their ideal physique.

Areas of Focus: muscular strength, muscular endurance, HIIT training, general strength training

Availability: early morning, late afternoon, weekends and weekdays


Tristan Mirata