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Group Fitness Policies & Procedures

Group fitness classes are part of your recreation membership. Full-time, matriculating undergrads students have recreation membership at no additional cost during the academic year. Faculty, staff, graduates and continuing education are required to purchase recreation membership at Member Services in the Recreation Center to participate in group exercise classes.

Group fitness classes are held in multi-purpose activity rooms in the Recreation Center. Activity rooms 118 & 121 are located on level 1. Activity rooms 210 & 215 are located on level 2. Cubbies are located in and near activity rooms for personal belongings. Please follow posted policies, including:

  • Only activities on the published schedule are permitted in activity rooms.
  • Classes are offered on a first-come, first-served basis and are limited based on space and availability of equipment.
  • Group Fit Card Procedure -- (a) A card is required for entry to classes that start at or after 4:00pm Monday – Friday and for all Saturday and Sunday classes. (b) Monday – Friday cards are distributed at the 2nd floor lounge 30 minutes prior to the start of each class. (c) Saturday & Sunday cards are distributed at Member Services 30 minutes prior to the start of each class. (d) Ten early bird cards per class are available each day when the Recreation Center opens. (e) One card per person, per class is issued first-come, first-served. The card must be used on the day of issue. (f) If a participant does not have a card or has an incorrect class card, he/she will not be permitted to enter the class.
  • No admittance after class has begun.
  • Proper exercise attire, including footwear and upper and lower body clothing, is required. Bare feet permitted for designated classes only.
  • Water is permitted in unbreakable containers. Other beverages and food are not permitted.
  • Audio equipment is for instructor use only.
  • Fitness equipment is for its intended purpose and must remain in activity rooms.
  • Personal instruction or training other than scheduled through Campus Recreation is prohibited.

Tips for a Good Workout

  • Arrive on time!  A warm-up period is offered for safety and comfort. It is not a good idea to miss any part of the warm-up period. Also, arriving in a timely manner can help if a class typically reaches capacity.
  • Work at your own pace. Modifications are offered for varying fitness levels, so select the one that is challenging yet comfortable.
  • Try a variety of classes. Everyone has a favorite, but different classes address different aspects of fitness. Recruit a buddy if you need extra motivation.
  • Ask questions before and after class if you have concerns or want to know what the class will be like.
  • Try something twice. Sometimes learning the terminology and form at the first session can change your perception of a certain class.