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Tip of the Week

Eating on a Budget

By Kelsey Baumgarten (B. S. Nutrition '15)

In today’s food economy, you can buy almost any fruit any time of the year. If you’ve ever had a fresh strawberry, or an apple picked right from the tree, you know that there’s no comparison between that and the fruit shipped from far away in the middle of winter. Summer is on its way, and so are fresh fruits. Try to buy these fruits locally when they’re in season, or better yet, start growing your own.

  • Blueberries—July and August
  • Apples—July through October
  • Cantaloupe—August and September
  • Cherries—July
  • Grapes—September and October
  • Nectarines—August and September
  • Peaches—July through September
  • Pears—August through December
  • Raspberries—July through September
  • Strawberries—June
  • Watermelon—August through October

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