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Exercise Boredom and Plateauing

by Alyssa Gaudreault (B.S. Kinesiology '14)

Sometimes routine is a necessity in our busy lives, but when it comes to exercise, routine is not always a good thing.

Plateau: A fitness rut that occurs when an exerciser preforms the same workout over and over. When this happens, our bodies quickly adapt to the workout leading to a lack in gains/results.

When your body is used to consistently practicing the same workout routine, it requires less energy to do so, and this leads to less calories being burned.

Boredom: After performing the same workout over and over, the exerciser begins losing interest in the workout and may also lose motivation to exercise overall.
Plateauing along with exercise boredom is a sour mix. Variety is the key ingredient that must be added.

Quick Facts:

  • A workout routine should be completely changed or at least altered every 4-6 weeks.
  • It is beneficial for your body to use the FITT principle:
    • Frequency: Increase or decrease how often you workout
    • Intensity: Increase or decrease difficulty or level of intensity
    • Time: Increase or decrease time of workout session
    • Type: Change the type of exercise you are doing