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This Week's Article:

9/15/14: How to Create a Training Regimen in 3 Easy Steps!
by Alyssa Gaudreault, (B.S. Kinesiology,'14)

Older Articles

4/4/14: Why is Physical Activity Important?
by Jill Isabelle (Assistant Director for Fitness and Wellness)

3/26/14: Exercise Boredom and Plateauing
by Alyssa Gaudreault (B.S. Kinesiology, '14)

3/10/14: The Core
by Lauren Duffy (B.S. Communication & Journalism, '14)

2/6/14: Healthy Snacking and Emotional Eating
by Steph Hill
(Public Health '14)

1/14/2014: Take Advantage of Campus Recreation
by Lauren Duffy (B.S. Communication & Journalism '14)

11/14/13: The Skinny on Fat
by Jessi Pergoletti (B.S. Nutrition '14)

9/22/13: Yoga: The Legal Performance Enhancer
by Cori Marks at Spinning.com

By Lauren Duffy (B.S. Communication & Journalism '14)