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Take Advantage of Campus Recreation

By Lauren Duffy (B.S. Communication & Journalism '14)

It is very common for people to get in their own, distinct workout routines. Some will take a fitness class, others will run the track, lift weights, or use the cardio machines. But the best way to challenge yourself and get a great workout in is to use all of Campus Recreation. Here are some ways to switch up your exercise routine and maybe explore new parts of our building:

  1. Run a few laps around the track, do a few circuits on the weight machines on the second and/or third floor, then finish it off with some floor exercises like planks and crunches and a good stretch in our stretching area.
  2. Run for 10 minutes on the treadmill to warm up, spend some time lifting free weights, and then finish it off with some strengthening and stretching in a yoga class.
  3. Create some kind of interval circuit by using the different areas of the third floor. For example, you can alternate using an elliptical machine or a treadmill and the weight machines, or alternate using a rowing machine then doing some floor strengthening in the stretching area. Any combination of exercises that that will cause your heart rate to increase and decrease!

Just be sure when creating your own workout that you incorporate a good warm-up and cool-down to ensure a beneficial but safe time at the Recreation Center.