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Joshua Lopes

Joshua Lopes

Equipment Issue Assistant

Joshua is extremely thorough in all aspects of equipment desk operations. He is diligent to make sure the work is not only done, but done correctly and to the best of his ability. His thorough knowledge of operations is helpful to his co-workers. With his optimistic and positive personality, he excels at customer service.

Brian Loschiavo

Michael Capano

Equipment Issue/Floor Supervisor

Always with a smile & great customer service, Brian's work ethic and versatility are outstanding.

Alexandra Lowder

Deserea Turner

Floor Supervisor

Alexandra is dependable, hard-working and conscientious. She takes pride in her work and demonstrates initiative. A veteran on the floor, Alexandra jumps at the opportunity to train and mentor new staff. She comes to work with a positive demeanor and attitude to gain experience and learn new things.

Kyle Lunt

Erika Starr

Building Supervisor

Kyle leads by example and is always willing to help where needed. Kyle goes above and beyond in his work duties and is a true role model.

Andrew Prowten

Andrew Prowten

Building Supervisor
Political Science

A leader since day one who looks at the big picture, Andrew consistently puts forth thoughtful new ideas and brainstorms for ways to do things differently and better. Andrew is always willing to work, even when not on shift. A role model, Andrew is a reliable leader who the staff respects and admires.

Deserea Turner

Deserea Turner

Member Services Assistant

With outstanding customer service and sound understanding of procedures, Deserea excels at training new staff. She deals with all sorts of situations with conscientiousness, confidence, conviction and humor.

Nicole Webb


{Photo Not Available)

Group Fitness Instructor
School of Management

Nicole is the epitome of perseverance, reliability and versatility. Nicole is always willing to teach new classes, help out her co-workers and encourage patrons to try new things to help them feel great about themselves. Tenacious and unstoppable, Nicole has a tireless passion for life and all things in which she's involved. Her optimism and confidence will guarantee a successful future.

Andy Yee

Andy Yee

Equipment Issue Assistant
Computer Systems Engineering

Andy is 'all business' when it comes to getting his work done. A leader by example, he mentors others with his comprehensive knowledge, initiative and outstanding work ethic.

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