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Intramural Cancelled Games Prediction Winner

Intramural Cancelled Games Prediction Winner
Erika Von Den Benken

Spring Picnic Raffle Winners

Spring 2016 vraffle winners
Left to Right: Maggie Sprague (1st), John Blihar (Director),
Maya Bergandy (2nd), Sam McGrath (3rd)

Most Improved Intramural Sports Official 2015-16

Max Tannenbaum, Most Improved Intramural Sports Official, 2016
Max Tenenbaum

Staff Picnic 2016

Staff Picnic 2016

Recognize a Leader

Recreation supervisors are an integral part of the Campus Recreation program. We could not operate a comprehensive recreation program without their many dedicated hours during the week, on the weekends and during holidays. Campus Recreation thanks them for their invaluable service.

Are you a people person? Do you want to work in a fun, recreational environment? Come join our team. Click on the employment link for more information.

Carolyn Viggh

Carolyn Viggh

Personal Trainer

Nutrition '16

I love working for Campus Recreation because each day presents me with new and challenging opportunities to grow as a leader, trainer and person. Being able to do what I love surrounded by a caring and supportive community is truly one of the most rewarding experiences there is.

Danielle Beauchemin

Member Services

Nutrition '17

I love working for Campus Recreation because it is a positive environment where all employees have the same goal of helping people and working together to reach that goal. We truly are more than a building!

Sam McGrath

Alyssa Gaudreault

Floor Supervisor/ Equipment Checkout

Nutrition '17

Working for Campus Recreation has really broadend my horizons and made me feel more connected to UMass. Plus, I've learned great job discipline.

Briana Martinez

Alyssa Gaudreault

Group Fitness Instructor

Kinesiology '16

I love working for Campus Recreation because it gives me a wonderful sense of community, along with providing me with the ability to change people's lives and help them achieve their goals.

Stephen Monette

Stephen Monette

Intramural Program Assistant

Communication '16

I love working for Campus Recreation because I don't think of my job as work. I love what I do working for intramural sports so much that I want to make it my career. Even more than that, I wouldn't want to work anywhere else other than for Campus Recreation because of the connections that I've made with the people I work with. I've made some of my best friends through Campus Recreation, and have developed good relationships with the professional staff that I will forever be grateful for.

Milana Morozova

Stephen Monette

Group Fitness Instructor

Psychology '16

I am so thankful to work with amazing individuals who are dedicated toward living a healthy
and mindful lifestyle. I've learned so much about wellness, and it's a privilege to have a job where I motivate others to reach their personal best. I can't imagine my experience
at this University without Campus Recreation!

Snowfall Prediction
Contest Winner

Ellen Chow - Snowfall Contest Winner 2016

Ellen Chow

Hand Turkey Contest

Hand Turkey 1st Place Winner - Stacey Hazen
First Place: Stacey Hazen

Hand Turkey Contest - 2nd Place
Second Place: Katie Hill

Hand Turkey Contest - 3rd Place
Third Place: Kristin Aucoin