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Boyden Gymnasium

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3rd floor

6 basketball courts
4 badminton courts
4 volleyball courts


Photo of Boyden Gymnasium

Boyden Gymnasium Policies

Activities in Boyden gymnasium include recreation, intramural sports, club sports and varsity practice.

For open recreation, each participant must present his/her UCard or guest pass. Patrons must be at least age 15 to use Boyden gymnasium. Patrons under age 18 must be accompanied by an adult with a valid UCard.

Space is allocated first-come, first-served. The only recreation activities permitted are basketball, volleyball, badminton and soccer (during designated times on the recreation schedule). Soccer goals are not provided in Boyden gym. Soccer players should bring cones for goals.

No other activities are permitted during recreation time (i.e. throwing footballs, frisbees, playing lacrosse).

Full-court basketball games are 'challenge' games & self-regulated. The winning team stays on the floor and the losing team is replaced by a team from the sidelines.

Court Priorities

Courts 1-3 -- basketball

Courts 4 & 5 -- volleyball & soccer (only during designated times on the recreation schedule)

Court 6 -- badminton

Boyden Basketball Courts