Fitness and Weights

With stunning views of the campus athletic fields, Champions Center and the Pioneer Valley landscape, the Recreation Center features 24,000 square feet of fitness and weight equipment and includes over 160 pieces of cardio, cardio theater, selectorized and free weight equipment, boxing pad with speed, heavy & kickboxing bags, and stretching areas with stability and medicine balls, foam rollers, light weights and plyo boxes.

Fitness EquipmentLevel 2

  • Life Fitness selectorized circuit: tricep press, biceps press, row/rear delt, chest press, shoulder press, pulldown, fly, calf extension, leg extension, seated leg curl, seated leg press, glute, torso rotation, back extension, abdominal, hip adduction, hip abduction, multi-gym
  • Iron Grip dumbbells and plates, Hammer Strength bench presses & platforms, smith machines, arm curl, preacher curl
  • Stretching
  • Medicine balls, plyo boxes, foam rollers

Fitness EquipmentLevel 3

  • Life Fitness ellipticals, treadmills, upright & recumbent bikes, and powermills, Precor ellipticals, treadmills and AMTs, Technogym treadmills and upper body ergometer, Cybex arc trainers, Concept 2 rowers, Stairmaster gauntlet
  • Technogym selectorized circuit: arm extension, arm curl, low row, chest press, pec machine, rotary calf, vertical traction, leg extension, leg curl, leg press, rotary torso, total ab, adductor, abductor, chin/dip
  • Life Fitness multi-gym, cable motion/dual adjustable pulley, Iron Grip dumbbells & plates, Hammer Strength plate-loaded machines, smith machines, arm curl, preacher curl
  • Medicine & stability balls, plyo boxes, bosu balls, foam rollers
  • Stretching
  • Heavy, kickboxing & speed bags