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Features&Benefits Features&Benefits
SOM 491 --Features and Benefits Exercise

What is a features and benefits exercise?

The ability to translate features of a product or service into benefits to a customer or client is essential to all effective sales efforts; all sales and marketing teams rely on this process to conceptualize their products and services.

In market-oriented business writing (for example, coming up with advertising campaigns), it is important to be able to describe the features of a product or service in terms of the benefits they provide. This ability is essential in other kinds of persuasive communication as well, such as resume writing. You have "features" as a prospective job applicant, but employers buy the "benefits" that your features (skills and experiences) generate.



Product -- household cleaner


chlorine bleah..........disinfects

sprinkle can............easy to use

micro-abrasives.........facilitates stain removal

Highest priority benefit -- disinfects

Concept -- Kills Germs as it Cleans Your Sink!