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Undergraduate Non-Resident: Full-Time

Following are fees for Undergraduate full-time students who are not residents of MassachusettsHow do I determine if I am considered a Massachusetts resident and qualify for in-state tuition?

See our Undergraduate Full-Time Tuition Rate Sheet and Fee Explanation for tuition and fee details. 

Fees Charged Every Semester

Tuition $4968.50
Curriculum Fee $9040.00
Service Fee $709.50
Activities Fee $65.50
Shared Infrastructure Technology Fee $125.00
Basic Health Fee $343.50
Honors College Fee * $300.00
Engineering Fee ** $287.50

* The Honors College Fee applies to Commonwealth Honors College students only.

** The Engineering Fee applies to engineering students only. 

One-Time Fees

The following one-time fees are charged in the first semester only.

Freshman Counseling Fee $300.00
Transfer Counseling Fee $200.00
Undergraduate Entering Fee $185.00
Stockbridge Entering Fee $77.00

The Senior Fee is charged when a student attains 87 credits.

Senior Fee $110.00

Waivable Fees

Student Health Benefit Plan $1055.00
Mass PIRG $11.00
Child Care $1.00

Other Fees

Late Fee $50.00
Returned Check Fee $25.00