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Undergraduate NE Regional Program: Full-Time

Following are fees for Undergraduate full-time students who are in the New England Regional ProgramHow do I determine if I am considered a Massachusetts resident and qualify for in-state tuition? See our Undergraduate Full-Time Tuition Rate Sheet and Fee Explanation for tuition and fee details. 

The New England Regional Program (NERP) allows students from the six New England states, who are enrolled in certain programs not offered by their home-state public college or universities, to pay a reduced tuition rate. Not all programs are available in the NERP at UMass.

Fees Charged Every Semester

Tuition $4968.50
N.E. Regional Discount -$3468.50
Net Tuition $1500.00
Curriculum Fee $9040.00
Service Fee $709.50
Activities Fee $65.50
Shared Infrastructure Technology Fee $125.00
Basic Health Fee $343.50
Honors College Fee * $300.00
Engineering Fee ** $287.50


* The Honors College Fee applies to Commonwealth Honors College students only.

** The Engineering Fee applies to engineering students only. 

One-Time Fees

The following one-time fees are charged in the first semester only.

Freshman Counseling Fee $300.00
Transfer Counseling Fee $200.00
Undergraduate Entering Fee $185.00
Stockbridge Entering Fee $77.00

The Senior Fee is charged when a student attains 87 credits.

Senior Fee $110.00

Waivable Fees

Student Health Benefit Plan $1055.00
Mass PIRG $11.00
Child Care $1.00

Other Fees

Late Fee $50.00
Returned Check Fee $25.00