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As a veteran, you may be eligible to receive educational benefits because of your service. Veteran Services will verify your eligibility and provide the Bursar's Office with the amount of your benefit. Payments from the government are usually received later than the due date of the bill but if our office is notified that you will be receiving benefits, which pay your tuition and fees in full, you will not incur any immediate penalties.  If you are responsible for a percentage of your tuition and fees or for your room and board costs, these fees should be paid by the due date of your University bill.

National Guard waivers must be submitted to our office with the appropriate amount of credits to be waived. Please make sure that the credits listed on the waiver are the same number of credits you are enrolled in for the semester.  
These waiver can be delivered in person, sent through the mail or by email attachment to National Guard waivers cover tuition and mandatory fees in full.