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Amherst 250 Plan

The Schedule

The most effective schedule for funding the 250 plan would be an increase of 30 million dollars in the campus’ state budget in 2005-2006. This would allow for the fastest restoration of the faculty. However, under current economic circumstances and recognizing the time lag required to recruit and hire first-rate faculty, this schedule may not be realistic. The best alternative is a commitment to fund the 250 Plan over a period of about three years. The campus can hire about 80 to 85 faculty per year effectively. This would require at least 10 million dollars per year for three years to accomplish this restoration. If inflation and other costs do not rise dramatically, this would allow us to recruit effectively over this period and restore the faculty to appropriate levels within the current five-year plan.


The University of Massachusetts Amherst will succeed in maintaining and improving its position as a major public research university and the flagship of the University of Massachusetts system with the investment implemented as described in this plan. The campus’ commitment is to performance, measured against the national marketplace of major research universities, public and private. The campus’ faculty and students have already demonstrated their ability to fulfill this commitment, and they only require the additional resources outlined in the 250 Plan to bring UMass Amherst well into the upper tier of national flagship university competition.

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