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Wordmarks, Seal, and Spirit Marks

Our wordmark, seal, and spirit marks are the primary visual representations of our brand. They act as our signature and are the common thread among all forms of communication. This is why it is essential that we treat them consistently across all media.

Each of our graphic elements has specific requirements for their use. Please review the guidelines below before utilizing these elements.

UMass Amherst Wordmark

Our wordmark is the primary visual means by which we are recognized. It is used for materials related to the campus's core mission. All official forms of university communications must distinctly display an official UMass Amherst wordmark. Use of the wordmark with the tagline lockup is strongly encouraged, however there may be cases where using one of the other official versions is appropriate. The stacked version of the word mark is most appropriate for social media or other electronic formats where space is limited, and should only be used then.

Consistency, good visibility, and legibility are key elements to ensure proper use. Only use official university wordmark files.

Wordmark Color/format

The wordmark is available in either the tagline lockup, horizontal, or stacked versions, and may appear in either all black, UMass Maroon and black, or reversed in white on a dark background.

Wordmark Tagline

The official tagline of UMass Amherst reflects and supports our leadership of the public higher education system of the commonwealth. Using the wordmark with tagline is strongly encouraged, especially on major branded publications. The wordmark tagline lockup is a graphic file. Use this approved lockup when using the wordmark with the tagline.

Tagline Don'ts

  • Don't alter the ratio of tagline to wordmark.
  • Don't use the tagline by itself.
  • Don't use the tagline/wordmark lockup if the tagline will be too small to read.
  • "The Commonwealth's Flagship Campus" is a registered trademark and may not be altered or combined with other wordmarks, taglines, or mottos.


Wordmark Size

To assure legibility, "UMass" in the stacked version of the wordmark must be at least 1 inch wide. For the horizontal version of the wordmark "UMassAmherst" must be at least 1.5 inches wide in print publications.

Clear Space

To ensure visibility, provide adequate spacing, at least 1/10th the width of the wordmark, between the wordmark and other elements.

Wordmark Don'ts

  • Don't apply unapproved colors to the wordmark.
  • Don't alter it or redraw the wordmark in ANY way.
  • Don't distort the wordmark in any way.
  • Don't use the wordmark in place of text.
  • Don't separate the letterforms from the accompanying marks.
  • Don't position the wordmark on a background or image that will compromise its visibility.

UMass Seal

The UMass seal is an important element in our visual identity, but is reserved for use on only our most formal official communications such as diplomas and certificates.

Only use official university seal files.

To request prepared digital art of the University seal, please contact the Office of Communications at


UMass Amherst Athletics Marks

UMass Amherst Athletics Marks reflect a segment of the UMass Brand Identity. These marks are not appropriate for academic materials nor should they be distorted or altered in any fashion.

Download the University of Massachusetts Athletics Official Logo Style Guide [PDF]

All logos are the sole property of the University of Massachusetts Board of Trustees and may be used with written permission from the UMass Trademark and Licensing Administration. These logos cannot be altered in any way.  For questions regarding trademark usage on merchandise, websites, services or advertisement, please contact the UMass Trademark and Licensing Administration at 413-577-8126. All UMass Names, Marks, Seals and Logos are protected and registered Trademarks by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Athletics Marks Don'ts:

  • Don't apply unapproved colors.
  • Don't alter it or redraw in ANY way.
  • Don't distort in any way.
  • Don't use the athletics marks in place of text.
  • Don't separate the athletics word marks.


Introduction to Using Files

In order to accommodate the needs of the various forms of media, we have created several official variations of the UMass Amherst wordmark. Specifically, we created variations for print, large format, digital/online, tv/video, presentations, and merchandising.

For any questions or concerns about proper use, correct file format or reproduction of any of our wordmarks, seals, or marks, please contact University Relations at 413.545.0123 by email at

Print/Large format

Use vector EPS files whenever possible. For the best printed reproduction quality, files need to have a resolution of 300 dpi at actual size.  


Use JPEG, GIF, or PNG  files. For the best visual appearance online, files need to have a resolution of 72 dpi at actual size. Incorrect use of wordmark files could result in a blurry or pixelated reproduction. 


Use EPS files when possible. Otherwise use JPG or PNG files with a minimum resolution of 72 dpi at actual size. Incorrect use of wordmark files could result in a blurry or pixelated reproduction.

Notes on File Formats

  • EPS format is a vector image, while JPG and PNG are raster images.
  • Use EPS files whenever possible. They will scale to any size without degrading.
  • EPS files supplied are in Adobe CS6. Additional versions are available upon request.
  • Saving an EPS file as an EPS 8 file should eliminate cross-platform problems and solve uploading issues for programs that require PC coding.
  • Only EPS and PNG formats preserve background transparency.
  • PNG format is most suitable for web applications.