University of Massachusetts Amherst

At the University of Massachusetts Amherst, we have an exemplary community of investigators working in the related areas of Biophysics and Structural Biology. We are a welcoming and collaborative group supported by external funding from NIH, NSF and a variety of other sources. Biophysics and Structural Biology Investigators find homes in the departments of Physics, Chemistry, and Biochemistry & Molecular Biology. Graduate students may join graduate programs in those departments or in Molecular and Cellular Biology (MCB). More information about biophysics research at UMass Amherst can be found at the Biological Physics webpage.


Chen, Min Chemistry Engineering protein pores for biosensing MCB, Chem, CBI,
Dinsmore, Anthony Physics Soft Condensed Matter and Nanoscale Self-Assembly (experimental) Physics
Garman, Scott Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Structural biology of glycoproteins in human disease MCB, Chem, CBI, ICE IGERT
Gierasch, Lila Biochemistry & Molecular Biology/Chemistry Biophysical approaches to protein folding and localization MCB, Chem, CBI, ICE IGERT
Goldner, Lori Physics Single molecules in confining and crowded environments Physics, ICE IGERT
Hardy, Jeanne Chemistry Design of allosteric switches in apoptosis proteins; use of x-ray crystallography Chem, MCB, CBI, ICE IGERT
Heuck, Alejandro Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Transmembrane pore-forming proteins, fluorescence spectroscopy MCB, CBI
Holden, Matt Chemistry Membrane transport biophysics; mimicking electrically stimulated systems using engineered membrane bionetworks Chem, CBI
Kaltashov, Igor Chemistry Biopolymer structure and function by mass spectrometry Chem, MCB, CBI
Kilfoil, Maria Physics Studying mechanical aspects of cells utilizing advanced microscopy Physics, MCB
Martin, Craig Chemistry Protein-nucleic acid interactions; RNA polymerase enzymology Chem, MCB, CBI
Muthukumar, Murugappan Polymer Science & Engineering Assembly and dynamics of macromolecular complexes PSE, CBI
Parsegian, Adrian Physics Forces organizing biological molecules and colloids Physics
Ross, Jenny Physics Biological Physics of Microtubules Physics, MCB, ICE IGERT
Thompson, Lynmarie Chemistry Membrane receptors and transporters; solid-state NMR Chem, MCB, CBI, ICE IGERT
Vachet, Richard Chemistry Biological mass spectrometry; nanoparticles in biology Chem, MCB, CBI
Weis, Robert Chemistry Transmembrane signaling; membrane structure Chem, MCB, CBI, Microbiology

FacultyChemical-Biology Interface Program