Joseph Hamill
Director, Biomechanics Laboratory
Office: Room 23B, Totman Building

Research Interests
Lower extremity mechanics
Overuse injuries
Dynamical systems and movement coordination

Ph.D., Biomechanics, University of Oregon, 1981
M.S., Biomechanics, University of Oregon, 1978
B.S., General Science, Concordia University, 1977
B.A., Political Science, York University, 1972

Current Projects
Coordination of the rearfoot and forefoot in patients with plantar fasciitis
Strain in the iliotibial band

Representative Publications
Noehren B, Davis IS, and Hamill J (2007). Prospective study of the biomechanical factors associated with iliotibial band syndrome. Clinical Biomechanics, 22(9), 951-956.

Milner CE, Davis IS, and Hamill J (2006). Free moment as a predictor of tibial stress fracture in distance runners. Journal of Biomechanics, 39(15), 2819-2825.

Seay JF, Haddad JM, Van Emmerik REA, and Hamill J (2006). Coordination variability around the walk to run transition during human locomotion. Motor Control, 10(2), 178-196.

Pollard CD, Heiderscheit BC, Van Emmerik REA, and Hamill J (2005). Gender differences in lower extremity coupling variability during an unanticipated cutting maneuver. Journal of Applied Biomechanics, 21(2), 143-152.

O'Connor KM and Hamill J (2004). The role of selected extrinsic foot muscles during running. Clinical Biomechanics, 19(1), 71-77.

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Hamill J, Van Emmerik REA, Heiderscheit BC, and Li L (1999). A dynamical systems approach to lower extremity running injuries. Clinical Biomechanics, 14(5), 297-308.

Derrick TR, Hamill J, and Caldwell GE (1998). Energy absorption of impacts during running at various stride lengths. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 30(1), 128-135.

Hamill J, Bates BT, and Holt KG (1992). Timing of lower extremity joint actions during treadmill running. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 24(7), 807-813.