Undergraduate Courses

Kin 297 - Neuromechanics of Human Movement (Caldwell).
Kin 430 - Biomechanics Introduction to mechanics and its application to human motion. Includes linear and angular kinematics and kinetics, mechanics of fluids, and elementary analysis of human motion (Umberger).

Graduate Courses

Kin 530 - Mechanical Analysis of Human Motion Application of principles of mechanics to the analysis of human motion. Topics include: fundamentals of analysis, muscle torques, energetics, modeling (Caldwell, Hamill).
Kin 535 - Muscle Mechanics and Modeling Introduction to the mechanical properties of human muscle, and evaluation of the importance of these properties in human movement. Topics include: research methods used to describe these properties, and the role of modeling in understanding muscular properties and segmental motion patterns. Laboratory experience includes using a computer muscle model (Caldwell).
Kin 597A - Clinical Movement Evaluation (Hamill)
Kin 697R - Biomechanics and Motor Control Journal Club Student-lead presentations and discussion of selected papers from the literature.
Kin 730 - Advanced Biomechanics Topics include principles of data collection and analysis, high-speed video, force measuring systems, accelerometry, and A/D conversion (Hamill).
Kin 735 - Advanced Biomechanics Laboratory Techniques Topics include: biophysical signals, frequency content, Fourier series, Fourier analysis, principles of data collection, data smoothing, electromyography, amplifier response characteristics, software data manipulation (Caldwell).
Kin 797U - Computer Simulation of Human Movement Introduction to techniques for computer modeling and simulation of human movement. Lectures, discussions, student article presentations, and modeling assignments (Umberger).

Other Related Courses

Students often take Kinesiology courses in Motor Control and Exercise Physiology, and courses in departments such as Biology, Computer Science, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering, Neuroscience, and Statistics. See the Guide to Undergraduate Programs and the Graduate School Bulletin for comprehensive lists of courses and course descriptions.