Fei Wang

I joined the Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology as an international graduate student in 2002. I am certainly not the only one that benefited a lot from this excellent department that highly cherishes a diverse community. In fact, there were so many international and domestic students in one interactive network, which greatly helps to keep me both connected and meanwhile frees me to concentrate on the research.

To a graduate student, there are a full range of opportunities and resources that UMass Amherst and the five colleges offer: different types of student organizations that cover a lot of ground and most interests; the campus recreation that provides attractive sport services and leaves me many best moments of playing badminton and volleyball with friends; the convenient library service that never failed me; the edge-cutting research talks by invited speakers from various fields, the courses that bring classic biology and new techniques and ideas together; the beautiful campus populated with colors, the crazy parties, the cozy downtown restaurants…... And among all these good things, I was mostly impressed by the professors; they are not only brilliant scientists, but also excellent instructors, knowledgeable teachers and comprehensive friends.

PhD training was certainly a critical, sometimes very tough stage in everybody’s life and I am happy that I made the right decision coming to Umass. In Dr. Danny Schnell’s lab, I was having a great time working on my interested protein trafficking/organelle biogenesis project with many brilliant people. We discussed experiments, career plans, tennis, cooking while wild geese honking cross the sky. It immediately just makes you feel right.