Johan Sunryd

What appealed to me about the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology department at UMass Amherst was the breadth of research that is conducted. It’s great to know that if you need to expand upon your project with new methods you are sure to find someone who can help you master a new area. The diversity of research offered in the program has allowed me to do very different work for my graduate research compared to my undergraduate work. In addition, the classes I have taken here have enhanced my grasp of biochemistry and allow me to look at my research from multiple perspectives. In particular, most of my undergraduate classes were focused on learning pathways, whereas the graduate courses at UMass have concentrated on discussion of our hypothesis and what approaches to use to test them.

I have now lived in this country for several years and in three different states, but UMass has always felt the most like home to me. Perhaps it's the sense of community or the cold winters that remind me of Sweden but I really like living in the area. The fact that we live in a smaller community but still close enough to Boston or New York city that you can go there over a weekend is pretty ideal in my mind. Studying at UMass is really the best of both worlds where students get the guidance they need in an environment that supports inquiry.