Emily Schutsky

I have known that I want to pursue a career in science since taking middle school biology. As I progressed through high school, I learned that while I loved the molecular nature of chemistry, what I found most interesting was its application to biological systems. Therefore, the Biochemistry/Molecular Biology (BMB) major at UMass seemed to be made for me. I enjoy all the classes I take in the major, and see them more as fun electives that I would choose to take instead of "requirements." Besides the classes, the BMB department boasts an amazing collection of faculty, all of whom truly want to help their students succeed in their coursework and future career plans.
In my opinion, one of the best aspects of the BMB program at UMass is its commitment to research. As a student who plans to obtain her doctorate in Biochemistry and then enjoy a career in research and/or industry, I find working in a research lab one of the most valuable, rewarding, and fun aspects of the department and my college experience as a whole.