Yadilette Rivera-Colon

In the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Department everyone is willing to help the student in different ways. From filling out forms, to using a projector, to having a candy when you are not having such a great day, you will always find a friendly face offering you support all the way. The department is very collaborative and dedicated to the success of their students and faculty.

UMass is a great place to be. It is an interdisciplinary learning environment where no matter what area you are working on you always end up at the joint of different disciplines. As a third year graduate student I am very satisfied with the training I am receiving here and I know I would not be happier anywhere else. I get to do work on what I like because they give me the tools and the support I need to succeed.

Considering the fact that you will spend at least five years of your life training for the scientist you want to become, Amherst is very nice place to be. There are many activities for you to do without being distracting. Its location allows you to go to the big cities like Boston or New York City while you are in a nice little town where you get to relax and enjoy nature. Many graduate students in the department are part of the UMass band, UMass Choir, Dancing Club, and Writing Clubs. We do much more than science because the opportunities are accessible to us. Join the great UMass family and if you have any questions please feel free to email me at yrivera@aux.umass.edu.