Jen Houtmann

My name is Jen Houtmann and I am a junior biochemistry major and student athlete at the University of Massachusetts.  I’ve always been a driven individual, which is why I pushed myself to not only compete at the Division I level in women’s soccer but also to pursue a challenging and time-demanding major.  It hasn’t been easy; practices, team meetings, competitions, and traveling to four day long road trips throughout the year have all influenced me to quickly develop excellent time-management skills and a work ethic to put in the extra effort in order to maintain my status as an Honors student.  I’ve had to make up many an exam, go to meetings with tutors in order to get caught up on missed material, and schedule individual meetings with professors to make sure I’m not falling behind, but all of the added effort is worth being able to do what I love both on the field and in the classroom.  My advisor Frank Cannon has served as a great mentor in guiding me throughout the past three years; I don’t know how he manages to put up with me and the class scheduling conflicts that my busy and often inflexible schedule has caused!  I love working in the lab, something that was especially reinforced in Ludmila Tyler’s introductory biochemistry laboratory, and upon graduation I hope to achieve a graduate degree in pharmacology and become a member of a pharmaceutical company’s drug discovery and development team.