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Andrew Keezer (class of 2018) recieves Crowley-Nowick Award for iCons Student Philanthropy and Leadership


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Know about the Biochem Club yet?

The UMass Biochemistry Club is a Registered Student Organization (RSO) that is dedicated to providing opportunities to undergraduate students of any major to explore a career in the Life Sciences field. UMass BMB frequently holds peer mentoring events on topics like getting into a research lab and finding an industry internship. The Club also hosts guest speakers from biotech and the pharmaceutical industry who come to campus to explain how they have made their careers in the life science field. Once each semester the UMass Biochem Club goes on an industrial lab tour, which allows students to see firsthand the types of jobs that will be available to them after graduation from UMass. Find out more at the Meet & Greet on September 13th!



How some of your fellow majors spent their summer vacation:

Paul Travers participant in CAFE's Undergraduate Summer Scholars Program

Paul took part in this competitve new program that provides full-time summer employment internships in the labs and offices of UMass faculty. Last summer, he presented a poster of his work analyzing transposon dynamics among a set of F. oxysporum genomes at the annual meeting of the American Phytopathological Society in Pasadena, CA, where he also assisted in a workshop. [Read more]

Diana Akpoyibo wins prize for her poster presentation at the Annual Biomedical Conference for Minority Scholars (ABRCMS) 2015

""Diana Akpoyibo, class of 2016, conducted a 10-week long biomedical research internship at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, in NYC, in the lab of Dr. Yasmin L. Hurd which studies the neurobiology of addiction.  Here at UMass, she researches the pH signailing transduction pathway in the fungus Fusarium oxysporum in Dr. Li-jun Ma's lab. Diana was chosen as a Junior Fellow for the 2015-2016 academic year and is also a BMB Peer Advisor.  [Read more]

Rachel Levantovsky interned in the Target Discovery division at Cell Signaling Technology

Rachel Levantovsky, class of 2017, is grateful for the techniques, including tissue culture, Western blots and flow cytometry, among others, which she learned or strengthened while working over the summer in the Target Discovery division of the Danvers, MA, biotech company Cell Signaling Technology.  During the academic year, Rachel is a BMB Peer Advisor and conducts research in the Sela lab in the Food Science Department. [Read more]

Duncan Robertson was chosen as a Research Intern at Genzyme

""Duncan Robertson, class of 2016, spent the summer conducting research as an intern in the Research and Development division of Genzyme in Framingham, MA.  He studied a possible genetic therapy for osteoarthritis.  Duncan is a member of the Wang lab in Biochem and researches the function of the extracellular domain of a receptor kinase important in plant-bacteria symbioses. [Read more]

Yekaterina Kori completed a co-op at Alexion Pharmaceuticals

Yekaterina Kori, class of 2016, completed an eight-month co-op in the Product Characterization division of Alexion Pharmaceuticals in Cheshire, CT.  She worked over spring semester and through the summer.  She not only  learned many new techniques, she also was able to investigate several divisions of the company to learn how all of the areas work together in the development of therapeutic drugs.  This fall, she will return as a BMB Peer Advisor and resume research in the Hebert lab on how the integrity of maturing proteins is evaluated by the cell's quality control process. [Read more]