David J. Gross
LGRT 1021G
(413) 545-3170
Improving Student Learning Outcomes with Improved Pedagogies
Background and Training

PhD: University of Illinois
Postdoctoral training: Cornell University
Honors: 2012 CNS Outstanding Teaching Award; 2010 NSM Outstanding Service Award; 1994 Faculty Research Award, American Cancer Society

Research Summary

My research has transitioned from laboratory and theoretical study of receptor-mediated second-messenger signaling in individual cells to STEM classroom pedagogies to improve student learning outcomes.

Incorporation of active learning techniques in combination with blended course materials and collaborative learning pedagogies are the tools that I use in my classes to enhance the student experience and student learning outcomes for all students, particularly for students who have struggled in other courses. I study the mechanisms by which improvement of learning outcomes occur and I experiment with pedagogies and learning technologies to refine my instruction.

The list of publications below includes references for my current instructional research as well as for older signal transduction work.


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