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Statistical Consulting

Mission: To provide short-term consulting on the use of statistical data analysis methods and software.

Statistical Consulting services are available to students, faculty, staff, and non-University clients requiring consulting help of limited duration.

Services provided include advice on:

study design
data collection
data organization
use of statistical software
statistical analysis
interpreting output

For more extensive, ongoing support of long-term studies, including grant proposals and full project planning and management, the Grant Development or Data Unit's services are more appropriate.

Statistical Consulting services are free to members of the School of Public Health and Health Sciences; $60 per hour for other members of the University of Massachusetts community; to be negotiated for all other clients.

Departments, schools or colleges within the University of Massachusetts system can subsidize their students' or faculty's consulting needs by purchasing a "subscription" for a fixed number of hours of consulting, to be used as needed. (contract , permission slip)

For information about statistical software availabilty at UMass, instructional resources and workshop schedules, see Statistical Software Information.

Contact: Eva Goldwater, 413-545-2949,

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